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Brooklyn Little League By-Laws Approved - 3/1/2022



Article 1: General League Policy


1.1 Registrations will open by the first Monday in January each year and will be closed by the 15th of March. Fall baseball registration will be open no later than June 1st and will close no later than August 15th.  The Board of Directors will have the discretion whether or not to extend registrations.


1.2 Registration will be done online and in person (if needed / applicable) and follow all league ages per the current little league rules.


1.3 Any Regular Member of the League shall be entitled to vote only after they have attended at least four(4) general meetings of the League in a one year period. Membership will carry over from previous year to the next year if the member is in good standing from previous year. To keep your good standing for the next year you must attend 4 meetings per year each year. 


1.4 In order to participate in voting of the board of directors at the yearly membership meeting you must be a member in good standing currently at that time of the elections. 


1.5 All volunteers and members must pass a background check which will be completed by the league safety officer. If there are any items that come back on the background check it must be brought to the president’s attention right away and a decision must be made on how to proceed with the individual. 


1.6 The treasurer in conjunction with the board of directors is to provide the following once a month to all league members. At regular monthly membership meetings the treasurer in conjunction with the board of directors is to provide a monthly report. This report is to include but is not limited to: concessions report, equipment report, field maintenance report, marketing/sponsorship report, monthly expenses, and monthly deposits. The treasurer in conjunction with the board of directors is also to provide a yearly report at the end of each fiscal year to include in detail the league’s finances as well as the following year's budget. 


1.7 The secretary must post the meeting minutes to the website after approval at the following meeting.The minutes must be approved by the board of directors after each meeting before posting to the website. 


1.8 Equipment manager along with coaching coordinator is to provide a list of what was handed out and verify what was returned at the end of the year. Coaches must sign out and sign in items and verify all equipment is there. If there are any missing items from the returned equipment then it will be brought to the board's attention to review that member's membership status. 


1.9 All divisions shall have the same style and logos on the teams hats. The league will provide each team with up to three team coach shirts per team.


1.10 The President in coordination with the safety officer will be sure the field's permits / insurance are up to date and current. Field maintenance will be done by the field maintenance manager in coordination with the safety officer, equipment committee, and board of directors. 


1.11 No person associated with the Corporation shall make any representation or conduct any activities on behalf of Brooklyn Little League, Inc. without the approval of the Board of Directors.


1.12 The Corporation shall indemnify any and all of its current and former Officers and Board of Directors, Members and other persons who assist the Corporation in its stated purposes, against costs and expenses arising out of any claim, demand, suit or judgment, by reason of alleged negligence or other acts in which they or anyone of them may be involved by reason of being or having been Officers and members of the Board of Directors of the Corporation, Members or other persons assisting the Corporation in its stated purposes, when such acts are not wanton, reckless or malicious and provided the said person, at the time of such acts, was acting in the discharge of his/her duties or within the scope of his/her authority.


1.13 Each year the board of directors will decide the amount that will be put into the Training Fund to further the improvement of our coaching offerings. Attendees must return and share their new knowledge with the league in order to qualify for a refund.


1.14 Any expenses over $500 must be approved by the Board of Directors. 



Article 2: Managers, Coach’s, Umpires


2.1 Team Managers and Coaches. Team Managers and Coaches shall: Be appointed annually by the President and be approved by the Board of Directors. Managers shall be responsible for the selection of their teams, for their actions on the field, following the rules of Little League Baseball and following this league’s Constitution and By-Laws.


2.2  A manager, a coach or a representative for each chartered team, will be present at each regular and annual meeting. If a manager cannot attend a meeting, they will ensure that a coach or representative from their team attends. If no representatives are present at any two-(2) meetings during their season then that manager may be removed from the chartered team and a new manager appointed, based on the recommendation of the Board of Directors. 


2.3 The manager of a team will be held accountable for the playing equipment and uniforms assigned to their team. Such items will be signed for using forms as required by the Equipment Manager. All items will be returned to the Equipment Manager within one(1) week after the last regular season game.Tournament team equipment and uniforms will be issued, signed, and accounted for separately. 


2.4 Umpires shall be appointed by the President but recommended by the Umpire in Chief, with the approval of the Board of Directors, who shall be responsible for their assignments and for their actions on the field.


2.5 While holding such office the Player Agents shall not manage or coach. The President will not be allowed to umpire.The President and Vice Presidents may manage or coach provided they do not serve on the protest committee.


Article 3:  Evaluations & Selection of Players


3.1 The following rules apply to the major and minor league divisions only.


3.2 The evaluations will be held within 7 days after the registration closes or as soon as practical. 


3.3 Evaluations will be based on a 1 to 5 scale grading system in each of the following skill sets: fielding, hitting, catching, throwing, and running. Major and minor managers will be the only ones to evaluate each player. If there are not at least 4 evaluators present and this requirement is not met then the Board of Directors will select the needed remaining evaluators. 


3.4 An annual draft will be held following  evaluations.The draft will be conducted within 7 days after the evaluations or as soon as practical. It will be moderated by the Player Agent and will not be open to the public. All information from the meeting will be confidential. 


3.5 All major division teams will partake in the draft first. Once the major division teams have exhausted their drafts, the minor division teams will then partake in their draft.


Teams will select in reverse order of their finish from the prior regular season (i.e. last place team picks first etc.). In the case when a division had only 1 team the previous year and in the following year the number of teams in that same division increases, the team/s will start off with no players on their current rosters. If there are only 2 teams in the division after the increase happens, a coin flip will decide the draft order. If there are more than 2 teams in this scenario, the teams will be picked out of a hat to determine draft order.


Once teams have been announced, any parent who would like to find out what evaluation score their child earned can do so by inquiring in writing to the President who will, in turn, forward such a request to the Player Agent. The Player Agent will then brief the parent on their child's evaluation score.


3.6 Players who score between 15-25 are considered "eligible" to be drafted in their respective divisions according to age. If a player does not attain a score of 15, they may still be selected by a team from an appropriate division with approval from the managers,  Player Agent and President. Any disputes will be settled by the Player Agent. 



3.7 Any player who is eligible to attend league evaluations but does not is still eligible to be selected to a team in the draft. The player/s who do not end up getting drafted by any team will be added to the Player Agent's waiting list. The Player Agent in consultation with the league President will determine where each player on the waiting list will best fit(Major, Minor, Coach-Pitch, or T-ball division) and then assign them to a team.


3.8 When a league expands, the following procedure shall be followed: The team with the fewest returning players will place one (1) player into the pool and in doing so, will establish the key to the number of players all other teams can retain. All other players on the roster will be placed into the player pool to stock the expansion teams. In the case of Senior League, the minimum representation from age groups must be adhered to as per Little League Regulations.


3.9 The expansion teams will choose three players each in a preliminary draft, alternating selections. All players remaining in the major league expansion player pool then return to their original teams.


3.10 Following the draft, if there is any discrepancy or issue with team rosters, the Player Agent will have full authority to step in and make any necessary changes as they see fit. However, this must be done before the start of the first game of the season.


3.11 If the number of teams is to be reduced, all current players affected must be reassigned by a preliminary draft to other teams prior to the regular player draft involving new candidates. The team/s being eliminated will be determined by the President with approval by the Board of Directors. The preliminary draft will be done by the remaining teams in reverse order of finish from the previous regular season.



Article 4: Code of Conduct


4.1 All members and participants in the League will abide by the Little League Code  of Conduct.


4.2 All players, managers, coaches, umpires, parents and league officials should be treated with respect. Reprimands should be of a constructive nature.


4.3 The coaching coordinator will be accountable for the behavior of the managers. The managers will be held responsible for the behavior of their coaches.


4.4 Use of tobacco and alcoholic beverages in any form is strictly prohibited on the property. 






Article 5: Tournament Team Selection


5.1 Players should be nominated based on ability, availability, and attitude. Players should be made aware of these qualification requirements prior to the start of any league games.


5.2 Players will be chosen based on the amount of top vote-getters from 2 sources. First, each Manager who coaches in a tournament team's age division will submit a list of candidates equal to the predetermined roster size. Second, every player who is within the age range for a specific tournament team and also plays in a player-pitch division, will have the opportunity to submit a list of candidates equal to the predetermined roster size. The player votes will be tallied and a number-rank will be assigned to each player based on how many votes they got(ie. If Joe Smith got 10 votes he will be given a rank of 10, if Mary Bates got 13 votes she will be given a rank of 13). The top vote-getters based on "rank" will be submitted as 1 list to be matched up with the managers' lists. The amount on the player's list will be the predetermined roster size. If there are players tied for the final spots on the player's list, the tiebreaker to determine who will show up on the final players' list will be decided by the tournament team manager(ie. If the roster size is to be 12 and the players' list has 10 players who are ranked higher than any other player but has 6 players tied for the final 2 spots, the tournament team manager will decide who gets the final 2 spots on the players' list).


Then the lists from the 2 sources will be compared. The players who show up most on these lists, in accordance with the predetermined roster size minus 3 players(ie. If roster size is 12, then the top 9 vote-getters from the 2 sources), will make up the initial tournament team roster. The Tournament team manager will then pick the final 3 spots.


The only situation that the Tournament team manager will not select the final 3 spots would be in cases where you have ties for the spots after matching up the lists from the 2 sources. The tournament team manager will then pick the final number of players who were not clearly decided by the number of votes from the 2 source lists(ie. In the case of a roster size of 12 players, when comparing the manager and kids' lists, you have 8 kids who have clearly more votes than the rest but you also have 6 kids tied for the final 4 spots, the tournament team manager will then step in and pick the final 4 players for his/her team).


The Tournament team Manager will always decide a tiebreaker.


5.3 The tournament manager and coaches will be selected by no later than June 1st by a majority vote of the Board of Directors from among the team managers who submit letters of intention to be considered to manage a tournament team. Letters will be submitted no later than the 4th league game of the season.


Article 6: Awards 


6.1 Distribution of awards will be made at the sole discretion of the Board of directors. 



Article 7: Disciplinary Process


7.1 Written complaints of any kind against members or participants received by the President will be forwarded to the complaint review committee. The committee will be made up of the vice president, an additional board member, and two general members.. A written response will be provided to the complainant. The Board of Directors is empowered, at their discretion, to determine appropriate actions or penalties in response to the complaint. 


If the complaint is against a member on the review committee, that said member will be removed for this specific complaint. The replacement will be appointed by the President.

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